2004 Honda S2000 – Top Goes Down, Price Goes Up

The Honda S2000 is proving that the classic 2 seat, rear wheel drive roadster has the staying power for both enjoyment and value.  This 2004 Honda S2000 with only 24k miles on the odometer has a $24.5k asking price and could be a solid long term investment.

This is a beautiful 2004 Honda S2000, the car has only had two adult owners and is bone stock. The car has never been tracked, raced or abused in anyway.

The car is Silver Stone Metallic with the Red and Black interior and is in pristine condition.

Recent work completed on the car.

Replaced air filter (OEM Honda Filter) 11/1/16 24,000 mil.

Replaced cabin filter (OEM Honda Filter) 11/5/16 24,000 mil.

Changed engine oil and filter  11/5/16 24,000 mil.

Replaced brake fluid  11/5/16 24,000 mil.

Replaced clutch fluid  11/5/16 24,000 mil.

Replaced antifreeze 11/5/16 24,000 mil.

Replaced spark plugs  11/11/16 24,000 mil.

Replaced all 4 tires, Michelin Pilot Sport  11/11/16 24,000 mil.

Replaced transmission fluid  11/11/16 24,000 mil.

Replaced differential fluid  11/11/16 24,000 mil.

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