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Rare Mugen EG6 Sports Muffler – Tear Drop Exhaust

Here is one of those hard to find Honda / Acura parts that don’t come up for sale every day. Up for sale is a RARE used Mugen EG6 Sports Muffler aka “tear drop exhaust”. The muffler comes complete with a muffler/exhaust hanger and 2 mounting bolts (No need to have a muffler shop weld a hanger). The muffler hanger is installed to the rear bumper support/frame. The muffler and hanger have been re-sprayed with …

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2000 Honda Civic Si with V6 J32 Engine Swap

Engine swaps are common place in any Honda or Acura chassis nowadays and the sleeper swaps are even better.  This 2000 Honda Civic Si has been turned into a monster sleeper when the owner installed a FWD V6 J32a3 Engine swap into it.  The 268 whp in this lightweight car has to be a blast to cruise around in. Time has come to post my daily driver up for sale, time to build something new. …

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2000 Honda Civic Si, Electron Blue Pearl 60,000 Miles

You want to talk about a hard car to find in good condition still.  The 1999-2000 Honda Civic Si was a great car to begin with so as you can imagine a lot of them have seen better days.  This one on the other hand has been well cared for and has very nice aftermarket parts installed. 2000 Honda Civic Si Electron Blue Pearl Location: Mandan, ND Phone: 701-989-44 seven 8 Mileage: 60,000 Price: $10,000 …

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