Rare Mugen EG6 Sports Muffler – Tear Drop Exhaust

Here is one of those hard to find Honda / Acura parts that don’t come up for sale every day.

Up for sale is a RARE used Mugen EG6 Sports Muffler aka “tear drop exhaust”. The muffler comes complete with a muffler/exhaust hanger and 2 mounting bolts (No need to have a muffler shop weld a hanger). The muffler hanger is installed to the rear bumper support/frame. The muffler and hanger have been re-sprayed with black high temp paint. The muffler Does Not have the common internal exhaust pipe clunking/clanking noise, however, the bottom of the muffler has some minor dings/dents and some scratches on the bottom side of the stainless exhaust tip. Price is $1800

Find it here on HondaMarketPlace.com – http://hondamarketplace.com/showthread.php?t=3204363

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