Pedro Approves - Custom cars, race cars, modified cars and other unique cars for sale.

Pedro Approves of cool cars of all shapes and sizes.  We aren’t picky here.  We are just all around car people that enjoy everything from modern day super cars to vintage rat rods.  Like most car people we are all accepting and always excited to see the next new project.  Pedro Approves is a melting pot of all things automotive classifieds.  We scour the internet in search of what we feel are some of the best vehicles for sale.  Pedro also takes submissions.  We can’t guarantee all submissions whether they be your own vehicle or just a cool  vehicle you came across on the internet make it onto the site but we always check them out because, well, we are all around car people.  If it has 4 wheels, heck, even 2 wheels and an engine it has a home with Pedro.

Pedro’s boss has been in the aftermarket performance market for the last 10 years in one way or another.  During those 10 years you see a lot of cars.  Heck, during those 10 years we have actually owned a lot of cars.  Cars will always be a center piece of our livelihood and if we can share them a bit with others that makes it even better.  Not sure where Pedro as a website will flourish into the future but we sure are going to enjoy having it as a part of our world and we hope you do too.