2004 Porsche 996 GT3 Street and Track Car

The 2004 Porsche 911 GT3 cars are considered to be the last of the analog cars.  With no traction control nannies from Porsche, just your ABS and right foot is all you will need to feel like a driving god around a race track. The values on these 996 GT3′s have held steady over the last year or so after quite a bit of a jump a couple of years back and they will be a desired platform for years to come.  This 2004 edition is track prepped and only shows 17k miles.  Asking $85k this could be a good value for your track enjoyment.

After much consideration, I have decided to sell my 2004 GT3 streetable track car. Or is that trackable street car? This is not a race car — but it’s about as close as you can get and still have a license plate. (A real race car is what I’m lusting after at the moment and the reason I must let it go.) And though it’s licensed and fully functional as a street car (has full interior, functional A/C and electric windows), I rarely drive it on the street because that’s not my interest. But I suspect others would do differently. This car is in the sweet spot right in between — the perfect car for someone who wants the ultimate track car with a license plate on it — or street car with lots of race car credentials.

It’s very expensive to prepare a car in this way. Jeff Gamroth of Rothsport set this car up for a client of his, who bought the car in 2008 and had Jeff build it up during his two year ownership. (I have over $83,000 in receipts for all the work that was done during that time). And I have continued that legacy of expenditure during my ownership since 2010 to further improve the car and to keep it in top condition.

It is cosmetically gorgeous — the body is a 9.5. The interior is beautiful too. There has never been any body damage or repair that I’m aware of. It’s been driven by me on the track (and a bit on the street) with care and respect. It now has 17,460 miles on it — I bought it with 14,400 seven years ago. The drivetrain is sublime, it runs perfectly, is very strong, sounds incredible, passes emission testing here, and it doesn’t leak, smoke, consume oil, throw code lights, or make any unusual noises. The only noises it makes are those to be expected of a high performance GT3 – exhaust song, vibration through the chassis from the solid flywheel and Cup shift cables, and the rattling of the floating brake rotors when the brakes aren’t applied. The latter two go away (or can’t be heard) at speed on the track, largely overpowered by the sweet sound of the exhaust.

Here are some of the high points on the car:

It comes with original window sticker, all three keys, owner’s manual, and tool kit, as well as all records since 2008, including a logbook of every use and all activities with the car since 2010. The car’s window sticker shows that it was sold with a full leather interior, Xenon headlights, and PCCB brakes. I think I am the third owner of the car.

It was built by Rothsport to emulate GT3 Club Sport specs: German Heigo 6 -point cage with removable front half, GT3 RS uprights, OEM GT3 RS front bumper, Cup center radiator, Getty carbon fiber hood, rear lid, and rear bumper with center exhaust outlet, OEM GT3 RS carbon fiber rear wing (which is frightfully expensive now, if even available), Cup control arms and toe links, Moton Club Sport shocks, 600/800 springs with tenders, Wrightwood/AP floating front rotors, Cup brake cooling ducts, Club Sport radio delete panel with remote battery cut off switch, Club Sport fire extinguishing bottle, and a smaller Odyssey battery that was relocated forward and lower in the trunk for lighter weight and better balance. I don’t use the Club Sport fire bottle because it occupies a swath on the passenger side floor, but it could reinstalled. Instead, I have added a rollbar-mounted Halotron fire extinguisher.

It has Sparco Evo seats on Recaro slider rails, Schroth harnesses (but also OEM seatbelts, which can be used), and the airbags and electric trunk/lid releases have been removed for track safety in favor of hood pins. It comes with a Momo Cup wheel and Rothsport quick release hub, both of which are like new and hardly used, but in storage. I have the stock wheel installed currently. There is an Ecliptech shift light on the dash that was mounted there without harm to the dash. And it comes with a Revo Select Plus ECU reprogramming device that is essentially new (and never used by me). Oh, and the rear PCCB rotors were changed to OEM 997TT cross-drilled rotors; the rear PCCB rotors are now in a box.

The car comes with 3 sets of wheels. These include the original OEM GT3 wheels, which have been professionally painted black and are in excellent condition. They are still fitted with the original Pilot Sport tires from 2004! For track wheels, there are a set of perfect OZ Alleggerita monoblock wheels finished in Anthracite, and also a set of aluminum Fikse FM-10 3-piece wheels.

The engine is stock and has never been opened internally. But the coolant pipes were welded by Charles Dundon of Dundon Motorsports. And it has one of Charles’ fabulous custom exhaust systems — headers and pipes made of 321 stainless, with two mufflers and a Cup-style center exit. It weighs about 80 lb. less than the stock exhaust system, and bumps the peak horsepower at the wheels to 372 hp (from stock 359) as measured on a dyno (charts available). Oh, and it sounds incredible – I have videos to demonstrate this. The transmission has Guard Transmission differential internals, set up by Matt Monson, and Charles Dundon also fitted a 4.0:1 Cup ring and pinion to shorten gearing a tad and improve track performance. Rothsport fitted a Cup shifter and Cup cables as well — which I hear are now unobtainium, to quote Mooty. I believe the engine has stiffer engine mounts too, because I have the stock ones in a box.

Aside from all these great mods and the overall mechanical and cosmetic condition of the car, what also makes it really special is that the vast majority of the OEM parts that were swapped out are still in my possession and will go with the car. These include the original hood, bumpers, lids, and rear wing — all near perfect. And the front struts, perfect seats, radio, console, carbon rear rotors and pads, the entire stock exhaust system, ring and pinion, passenger side air bag, radio, console, lid release mechanisms, shifter, cable, and a number of other parts that could be reinstalled. And the vinyl graphic stripes, which came on the car, can be peeled off. So the car could be a chameleon: drive it like a Cup car now and out to shame a few 991 GT3s, and then you have the option to put it back to stock if you choose. If you do that, you could sell off the go-fast parts to recover some of your investment. Or if you chose to leave it in this form, you could sell off the OEM parts to defray a considerable sum right now.

If you’re interested in discussing it further, please send me a PM. I’ll be glad to inundate you with more information and photos. 


Find it here on Rennlist.com - http://rennlist.com/forums/vehicle-marketplace/973251-2004-gt3-for-the-street-or-track.html

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