2003 Porsche 996 GT3 Cup Race Car SCCA NASA PCA

Can’t go wrong with a Porsche Cup Car to race.  These have proven to be very reliable and very fast on every track they have ever run on.  Suprisingly the 996 GT3 Cup Cars are starting to get to a reasonable price point as well.


2003 Porsche GT3 Cup Race Car.

VIN Number WP0ZZZ99Z3S698006

This is a factory built race car, not a street car that has been converted to a race car.

This car has been maintained very well.

It has factory Sachs Shocks and Struts. The car looks and runs fantastic. The engine and transmission have approximately 80 hours of use on them.

The car has been raced as part of a Porsche Cup racing series in Brazil prior to now returning to the US.
Inspection of the chassis shows no damage other than some bumps and bruises. Nothing that has effected the chassis at all. The body of the car has been refreshed, so with the exception of a few bumps and scratches from transportation the body and paint is in great shape.

The car has its factory gas tank, so no fuel cell to worry about. It still has the factory Porsche steering wheel and Recaro seat.
This car comes with stock carbon fiber doors. It comes with a fiberglass hood (which can be exchanged for a steel hood if the buyer prefers)

The car also has the lexan driver and passenger door glass. The rear lexan window has air outlets to allow the air from inside the cabin to escape. The car retains the center lock wheels and the air jacks.

The car comes with two different car covers. One light car cover for indoor use and one heavy car cover for outdoor use. The car also comes with the wheel hubs for tying the car down during transportation.

The car is located in Miami, FL

This is a very nice example of the cars at a very reasonable reserve price.

Find it here on Ebay — http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/2003-Porsche-996-GT3-Cup-Race-Car-SCCA-NASA-PCA-/230910555508?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item35c3577574


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