1972 Chevrolet C10 SWB Rat Rod Shop Truck

The ’67-72 Chevrolet C10 trucks just have the right look. Especially when they have the perfect amount of natural patina.

1972 “Chevron Shop Truck”

This is my 1972 SWB C-10. This truck has the coolest Patina I’ve seen on a truck. It is a reliable cruiser that you can drive anywhere. I am the 3rd owner of the truck. The man I bought it from owned it since 1983 and kept track of every oil change, spark plug, tire rotation etc since he bought it! Included with the truck is his notebook he used to track all of the maintenance since 1992. This was the most mechanically sound old truck I have ever purchased. I used it as an every other daily driver. It gets 16mpg which is much better than my lifted Silverado! I’ve done so much to this truck I don’t know where to start so I’ll break it down by sections.

*Front; 2 1/2″ Drop spindles, 3″ lowering springs, new up upper and lower ball joints, new driver’s side outer tie rod end, new shocks, new wheel bearings, new rotors, new pads.
*Rear; New 5” lowering springs, 2″ lowering blocks, new shocks.
*18 “Boyd Coddington Smoothie II wheels with the centers powder coated Gray. 18×8 front, 18×9.5 rear. Tires 80% tread left.

* Engine 283 with a 2bbl Carb and steel crank out of a ’65 Impala installed by the second owner. No knocks or smoke. It has a small drip from the back of the oil pan. Fires right up even in the cold. Not a fast engine, but reliable. I would take it to work at 65 MPH for an hour in 110 degree heat in July with no issues. The temp gauge never went over 200 degrees. I installed an electric fan controlled by a toggle switch for any times I was in traffic. I also put on chrome crank and water pump pulleys, a low ride power steering pump bracket, and matching finned valve covers and air cleaner .I put in a brand new battery in June 2012 with a 3 year warranty.
*Transmission Muncie M20 4 speed with Hurst Competition Shifter. It was rebuilt by the man I bought it from and was unused until I installed it in April (1,300 miles ago). It shifts and cruises perfectly. It was a 3 on the tree truck, but I wanted a 4 speed.
* I installed power brakes and power steering in this truck as it did not come stock with it. I used a brand new brake booster and master cylinder. The power steering has a small leak either from the pump or the gear box, but I’m not sure where. It works perfectly though.
* I installed brand new Thrush Welded mufflers, which give the truck an awesome deep sound. I also recently installed exhaust flanges that seal the gap between the manifolds and pipes.


*The paint on this truck is all original expect the side graphics and the white cap. The side logo and lettering are painted on not stickers. The truck has scratches, dents and dings, but that’s what adds to the overall character and look of it. The worst rust is on the passenger side rocker panel which is rusted through and the rocker boxes underneath which are always bad on these trucks. The floors are solid and cab mounts are solid, so I never even planned on fixing it.

*The doors open and close PERFECTLY. They work the way they did when they rolled off the assembly line in ’72. This was a huge selling point when I bought the truck.

*The bed is solid. It was painted with brush on brown primer by the 2nd owner. I removed some of it on the sides with aircraft paint stripper. The tailgate opens and shut with no effort as well.

*The bumpers are originals with little scuffs and scratches, but that’s the look I was going for with this truck. (Front and rear license plates in pics are not included with the truck)

*All turn signals and lights work. All lenses (turn signals, tail lights etc) are brand new. The tail lights have a blue dot in them. The reverse lights are wired to a toggle switch in the cab.

(There are 2 toggles in the cab. Each one is wired to a corresponding light on the dash near the ash tray. The electric fan, when turned on, lights up a green light. The reverse lights, when turned on, light up a red light. This avoids unknowingly driving around with the reverse lights on.)


*The interior features a new gauge panel, new dash pad, new steering wheel, new Don Garlits repro style red white and blue tachometer, new arm rests, new carpet, dynamat under the carpet, new shifter boot, new door handles and window cranks and a brand new professionally installed Kenwood Am/Fm CD player, in dash speaker and molded kick panel spaeakers. Its IPOD and bluetooth capable and it’s currently set up for Sirius/XM Satellite radio. All you need is to plug you Sirius or XM receiver into the dock and you’re good to go. If you don’t have a satellite radio receiver, the FM radio works great.

*It also has a new windshield, windshield rubber and back glass rubber as well.

*The seat has been covered with a Mexican blanket. The bottom portion has and old army sleeping mat under the blanket to provide some more support for the worn out padding.

*The gauges all work, except the temp gauge, but I installed an under the dash temp gauge.

*Brand new chrome door sill plates are included, but they are not installed.

You can own it — Currently on Ebay For Sale — http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/1972-Chevy-C-10-SWB-Shop-Truck-Patina-Lowered-Hot-Street-Rat-Rod-Chevron-/181007738928?pt=US_Cars_Trucks&hash=item2a24e6e830

Source: Ebay



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